Really Simple Syndication or just “RSS” is a very easy way to organize what is important to you on the web. This feature is great for blogs, news, audio, video and many more interesting topics of your choice. This technology can benefit teaching and learn by easily displaying important features of your classroom assignments, notes and just educational video to help the students understand new ideas. 

The “RSS” reader I am using is Google Reader. 

The Blogs I subscribed to are:

Alvin Trusty, Didi Allen, Keith Fischer, Amanda Schutz, Tracey Mahler, Ashley Musgrave


Educational Technology for Classroom

I feel an Apple iPad would be most benefit in a class room daily. 


The reason I have selected the Apple iPad, is due to the fact that it is a small computer that fits in your hand and will not take up space. The iPad also has WiFi capability which can access the internet and share links and projects to each iPad. Also another feature the iPad has are its many educational apps that are out there. The app store has apps from Science, Math, English, and many more.  The battery life on the iPad is remarkable so the students and or teacher will not have to worry about that. This new piece of technology would change the way teachers teach and the way students learn, because of all the advancements this little tool has. 

Why Science Teachers Blog?

Here is a link of a physics teacher’s blog for his class. The reason he likes to blog is to make his students open up and use their input on why things are happening the way they are. 


Here is a link of a science teacher’s blog. The reason he uses a blog is, he shares educational videos and experiments to anyone interested, and he things it will help people think and learn differently about the topic. 


Here is a link to a chemistry teachers blog. The reason he blogs is because, he can take the material that needs to be taught and modify it to the needs of the students. 



Why I feel blogging is important? 

I feel blogging can be a very important tool in the educational world. The reason for its importance is due to the fact that students are more and more into technology, so forget trying to teach the the older style of teaching. Teaching and learning needs to be fun and exciting and interactive in order for students to want to learn and want to be there and help other students learn and reason.