Podcast- Science and the Sea “Smelly Fish”

This podcast discussed the sense of smell of the Damselfish. Once the Damselfish are born they float around on the surface and often float around there while they develop, however are attacked by predators in the area. Since they are vulnerable to predators they have to defend themselves and they do this through their sense of smell. Researchers have experimented on why Damselfish settle in the places that they do and when experiments were completed they discovered that the Damselfish found a place to live that were away from any predators. The researchers sensed that the Damselfish knew that there was a predator in certain area of their living space and they did not settle in that same space. The Damselfish have a well-developed sense of smell, as the researchers showed through their experiment, so it’s likely that they sniff around before they pick out a spot which keeps them safe from bad neighbors.

There were not explicit technologies discussed in this podcast however, they did have a small discussion of an experiment that was completed.

All of this information was new to me. I am not familiar with the Sea nor the creatures that inhabit it. 



(See link titled “Science and the Sea. A two minute podcast covering marine topics.”



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